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9 June 2021
B2Moto 2021 - Virtual Matchmaking Event

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B2MOTO 2021

Virtual matchmaking event for companies operating in the automotive and transport industries

For whom?

Enterprises, institutions, research centres seeking or offering products and services such as:

1. Commercial vehicles:
• Public transport vehicles, coaches, buses, trolleybuses, minibuses,
• Specialist road assistance and rescue vehicles, fire trucks, sanitary vehicles
• Trucks, cisterns, trailers, semi-trailers, tractors for semi-trailers, tippers
• Vans,
• Vehicles for municipal waste disposal and maintenance of municipal technical infrastructure

2. Vehicle parts and accessories: spare parts for vehicles, engines, gearboxes, braking systems, seats, windows, tires, finishing materials, batteries, lamps, gas installations, air conditioning, specialized repair tools, car workshop equipment, car body parts, electrical and electronic components,

3. Automotive electronics - components and systems:
• Vehicle location and tracking systems
• Automation system for control and traffic control processes
• Security systems
• Fleet management systems

4. Systems for management and optimization of production processes

Organiser: Chamber of Industry and Commerce Staropolska

Meetings will be held ONLINE via an integrated video system on June 9, 2021.
Virtual meetings are an ideal opportunity to establish contacts and initiate future business contracts, as well as a great opportunity to promote the company's offer in many countries around the world through partners of the Enterprise Europe Network

Benefits of participating in virtual meetings for companies:

  • Participation in the meetings is free, moreover, the company does not bear the costs of transport and accommodation related to the trip.
  • Meetings are held in real time, based on a predetermined schedule of meetings.
  • The online meeting system works in all web browsers. No additional software installation is required.
  • Time saving, meeting participants do not have to travel to the meeting point.
  • Virtual meetings are a form of contact with potential partners that is safe for health.

Costs: participation in B2MOTO meetings is free of charge

Register today! The registration deadline is June 8, 2021. The sooner you register, the more companies will be able to see your offer!

The event is organized on the occasion of the TRANSEXPO international public transport fair, the MOTO-TECH car parts and accessories fair and the HOL-EXPO road assistance fair, organized by Targi Kielce.


Cluster „Silesia Automotive & Advanced Manufacturing” (SA&AM)

Lean Management Consulting Group Sp. z o.o.


Closed since 9 June 2021
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Participants 108
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Belarus 1
Belgium 2
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Czech Republic 1
France 2
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Italy 6
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